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As Human Beings, we are all unique. We are individuals with our own values, beliefs, capabilities and hopes and dreams. However, in a global sense, we are all the same. We all need food, water, Love and Shelter. That’s where our slogan comes from, One World, One Realty Corp.

In regards to shelter, the United States has an extremely mobile population, to the point where very few adults live in the house they were born in. The Millennials, born roughly in the 1980’s through 2000, having seen the ups and down of the market in their lifetime, are even more mobile as a generation then the Baby Boomers and Generation X. They are choosing the portability of leasing or renting as opposed to investing in a house. As of 2nd quarter 2016, they are starting to enter the marketplace and buy, recognizing the values that exist due to the fiscal crisis of 2008. In fact the market in most areas has been trending upward since 2012.

Real Estate is a unique investment, since you can gain equity, with the value of your property going up, while living in the home for shelter. You can’t live in a stock certificate or bar of gold… Even if you plan to stay in the house 30 years, it’s still an investment, part of your retirement plan as you downsize and live in a smaller, easier to maintain home.

Real Estate is cyclical, which simply means it goes up and down in value over the course of time. However, even if you buy at the top of the market, if you live there 5 – 7 years (the average), the tax deductions and savings over renting (approximately 30 to 40%) more than make up for the fact you didn’t gain any equity. Also true for investment properties bought at market peak, as long as the property cash flows, and it should or you shouldn’t buy it, the income will offset the lack of capital gains with a stagnant or declining value. If you hold onto the property, it’s a paper loss, “Book value”, you don’t take a true loss unless you sell in the down market.

One Realty Corp is made up exclusively of top producers, with several years’ experience in Real Estate. They are experts in their local market area, specifically Waterfront properties, and are ready to provide advice and guidance as you make one of the biggest financial decisions of your life. They know to ask questions instead of telling buyers what they want. The Broker is also a real estate investor, and is familiar with investor requirements and criteria.

Relocate To Jacksonville

Jacksonville is a big town with a small town feel! One of only 32 cities with an NFL team, Jacksonville also offers world class golf, boating, miles of pristine beaches and lots of shopping and restaurants.

We are neighborhood experts, and can help you choose just the right location for your family! We will preview homes you like and send you additional pictures and neighborhood info like school ratings and crime statistics. It's like having a friend who already lives here! Call 904 402=6044 to get started!

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Real Estate Brokerage is changing. 50/50 splits might be ok for newbies, but top producing agents who generate their own book of business, are evaluating more and more, just what they are getting from their broker for 10, 20, 30 or 40% of the commission THEY earned and worked for. A lockbox? Those cost $100, a sign? They cost $20. A website, maybe $100 a year. An office? Most top producers work from a home office, with technology equal to or superior to what the broker has in his office. So what is the broker contributing to the partnership?

At One Realty Corp, we follow the golden rule, and treat agents as we wish we were treated when we were sales associates or broker associates, you earn it, you KEEP it! Commission splits are commensurate with experience, and amount of training required. Call the office for more information and decide for yourself if you deserve the lions share of your earned commissions. (904) 402-6044

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